People who hear Bulgarian music for the first time are often impressed by its power, vitality and beauty.  Bulgarian singing is unique, with fiery rhythms and unusual harmonies that melt the soul.  Its vocal techniques give power to the voice and a voice to the heart.

The choir is led by Dessislava Stefanova, founder and director of the London Bulgarian Choir. Dessi gave her first workshop in Switzerland in April of 2011, and on that occasion, the decision was made to create the Swiss Bulgarian Choir.

Members of the Swiss Bulgarian Choir will have a chance to plunge into this rich living tradition, learning its basic techniques and its special vocal effects (like shaking and hiccoughing).  Bulgarian songs are often sung in two or three-part harmony, and sometimes imitate the sounds of instruments or the calls of shepherds.  The songs are about love and loss, about old heroes or about dancing – about life itself.  Yet what sounds happy and melodic may relate a terrible tragedy, and what sounds mournful and dissonant may be a joyful greeting of the spring.

In the time between Dessi's workshops, we meet irregularly in smaller groups to practice.  There are three of these smaller groups: one in Zürich, one in northeastern Switzerland, and one in western Switzerland.

This choir is for everyone who enjoys singing.  Workshops are conducted in English.